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We want to take this opportunity to recognize and thank our sponsors.  The Georgetown Pipe Band is a community based organization which relies on festivals, competitions and parades to finance the band.

We have many expenses throughout the year and without the support of our sponsors, it would be difficult to meet our financial needs.

These sponsorships mean we can fix or replace kilts, sporrans, jackets, vests and purchase drum heads and reeds.

Please take a look at our sponsors below and support them.  They are making a difference in our community and we are proud partners.

Sponsors, your ongoing support is greatly appreciated.


Thank You to Die-Mold Tool Ltd. for allowing us to practice year round at your facility.  Your generosity has given us the opportunity to grow as a band and hone our skills.

CLICK on the LOGO above for more details.

We would like to acknowledge and thank Gord Furzer (band member) for helping with our new Georgetown Pipe Band t-shirts and golf shirts.  Thank you Gord!  We really appreciate your hard work and support.

CLICK on the LOGO above for more details.

Jack Astor's - Brampton, ON

Thank You Jack Astor's - Brampton for your support.  The support of local businesses is integral to the success of this band.  We look forward to a long lasting partnership.

CLICK on the LOGO above for more details.

Sons Of Scotland Benevolent Association, Cameron Camp
In Memory of 
Tom & Margaret Stewart

Thank you Son's of Scotland Benevolent Association, Cameron Camp for your tremendous support.

We can't thank you enough.  Your generosity is helping us outfit Georgetown Pipe Band members with uniforms.

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